“We love it! People are always surprised to see snow. It’s perfect, just perfect!”

“Well made, lightweight & easy to install – great!”
Dessert Fox

“The snow machine is marvellous. Clients are wowed & it is a huge success.”
Beim Bonsai

“The real emotion of Christmas! ”
Smoke Planet Gadget

“We put this in the windows of our stores & showrooms and saw an immediate increase in traffic! Great product for sure.”

“Beautiful, it’s what dreams are made of!”
Visitor to our premises,

“Our snow machine is just making everyone smile; we have children calling in on their way back from school to look at it ….its fantastic. It has created a lot of interest! We have also had two coaches full of Japanese tourists who each took it in turns to pose in front of the display!!!”
Country Harvest
Ingleton, North Yorkshire

“The snow machine was brilliant it attracted so much attention of the public walking past our window and the children loved it!”
Odds & Suds

“I have had so many comments already and its only been on display for 2 days!!! The Christmas window is always a pressure as people look forward to it so much! I have been doing it for 13 years now and find it hard to keep coming up with fresh ideas. The snow machine was very ‘inspiring’! It’s a bit like being on stage though when we refill the box – we seem to have an enrapt audience on the pavement!”
Let’s Go Round Again

“The SnowFalls Snow Machine helped us win Shaftesbury Carnival Best Dressed Window Competition 2012 –thank you.”
Shirley Allum Fashions & Lingerie
High Street Shaftsbury

“This has been a great investment. We have so many people come in the store to watch the snowfall – many of whom would probably not have taken the time to come in.”
The Antique Wicker

“The Lincoln Center Theater in New York has re-used our Snow Machines over and over again for years now. Most snowfalls in our shows come from your snow machines and we are very happy with it!”
Paul Smithyman,
Lincoln Center Theater

“We have been using the snow machine for three years now and people just love that feeling from seeing the snow fall. It really creates a lot of excitement.”
Debra Straw,
Straw’s Hallmark Shop

“There are just fantastic possibilities with your snow machine. For our store, it added that extra punch and the kids loved it!”
Steve Petrick
The Silk Warehouse